Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Me....I hope...

I'll start off by saying that this is a blog about a stay at home who can't seem to get anything organized. My goal for the new year is the same as many others out there I'm sure...to get organized. Everything from the house, to time, my hobbies, meals, schedules, finances, photographs.

Of course this is always a goal of mine that never seems to be accomplished. I might get one area organized, only for it to soon be a cluttered mess again while I am in the middle of trying to organize another room. So I guess I should say I now only need to GET organized, I need to learn how to KEEP it that way. I am hoping that making this public will give me a little bit more motivation to actually get something done.

A little bit about me:
I am 23, a wife, and a stay at home mom to my 7 month old son. I am also a babysitter to my 2 year old nephew 4 days a week. I am a photographer...kind of...I have a degree in photography, but mostly just take pictures for family...with the occasional job from my husband's work. I love all things crafty. My main hobby is scrapbooking, and I am also learning to sew...and eventually hope to learn to embroider once I can justify buying the machine. I also love to read. And I have discovered I love reading about organizing. I bought Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now! and I love reading organizing blogs. Unfortunately while I am doing all that reading nothing is getting done! So hopefully I can start taking the tips I learn from books and blogs and put them to good use in this new year.

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