Thursday, July 29, 2010

Laundry Room Solution

I am finally back, and working on organizing. I am currently working on organizing my office/craft room, yet again. The February organizing obviously did not last very long.

But today I am going to share a solution for our small laundry room we did a while back, that has helped a lot. We have a very small laundry area that is basically a walk-through to our garage with a washer on one side and dryer on the other. They do have cabinets above each, but no where to put laundry. I always ended up with dirty dish rags and towels stacked on the washer or dryer while waiting to add up enough for a load.

So I found some wire baskets (the stackable kind you find in the pantry shelf isle at Walmart). They came in sets of 2. First I only bought one set, but liked it so much I had to search all over until I finally found another set for the other side.

So now I have hanging baskets underneath my cabinets. My sister liked the idea so much, she got some and hung them in her own laundry room!

Above my washer I have a baskets for dirty bibs, rags, towels, and one for my husbands work rags.
Above my dryer I have baskets for my son's clean bibs and one where I store my place mats, cloth napkins, and tablecloth.
First I tried to hang bibs inside a cabinet, but he has so many that they didn't really fit well on one hook, so I like this a lot better.

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