Wednesday, September 8, 2010

C25K Drop Out

So I am a Couch to 5k drop out! I haven't jogged since August 18. It is just too hard right now to find a good time to go jogging.

So instead I found something that I really enjoy - ZUMBA! A neighbor introduced me to a place here that has hour long Zumba classes for $5 and childcare for $2/child! So it is affordable and fun! I have gone 3 times so far, and really look forward to going again. I hate working out, and this is a great way to work out, without it being about how long you jog or how many push ups you can do. Being in a class with others also helps me push harder and makes it so that I won't give up in the middle of a workout!

Other than that, I haven't really gotten very far with my organizing. I did get my office floor all picked up so that I can vacuum later (boys are napping right now). And a while back I started reorganizing my file system, so mainly I had to pick up a bunch of folders and papers that came out of my file cabinet that still needs to be gone through, so I have them all stacked on a shelf.

I really wish I could just take everything out of many rooms in my house and completely start over including building shelving, etc that fits my needs. But that is not possible right now, so it is kind of discouraging.

However my hubby got an offer for a new job! We are so excited but he won't be able to start until October 4th, because first he has to accept the offer letter and then wait on drug testing/background check. But at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel! He will have to leave at some point for at least a couple weeks for some training, but will be well worth it. It should be better insurance and will be a bit better income! Hopefully that will give us a little extra to do some house projects I want to do.

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