Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organizing Time

I am starting to think I really need to take a class in time management. I am discovering that all other forms of organizing will not ever be successful until I can successfully manage my time. I may get started on something, but it rarely gets completed, and if it does, it does not stay nice and neat for long.

My husband and I often talk about creating schedules, cleaning schedules, meal schedules, scheduling "my" time, and "his" time. But never have we really stuck to one even if we halfway made one. I don't like rules, and I don't like restrictions. I don't like sticking to schedules because I like being flexible, if tonight is meatloaf night, and the neighbors are outside, I don't want to be stuck inside cooking while everyone else is outside visiting. So I really don't like the idea of a schedule in that way. But I am thinking that some kind of schedule is going to have to be made, and we can be flexible with it when necessary, but we also need to really try to stick to somewhat of a routine.

Right now as it is, I have so many projects I want to do, so much cleaning I need to do, etc....that when I have a some time I am so stretched in all directions, that I don't really accomplish anything. I am so stressed constantly over all the many things that need to be done, I can't focus long enough on just ONE thing to actually finish it...and half the time I can't concentrate enough to even get started!

So I would love tips on how you manage your time, or examples of schedules that work for you (or that you are trying out and tweaking, like I will be for a while I'm sure!).

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  1. Hey! So, I had once tried to read your blog and it wouldn't ever connect, so I tried for the first time again tonight when I saw your comment (thank you by the way :)) and I could connect! I've been catching up on your 2010 and it is really inspiring! You sound defeated so often, but looking at the pictures, you've done a lot of work, girl! It inspired me to go organize one of our kitchen cabinets that's been driving me NUTS for a while now...and in 10 minutes, done. Thank you for that! If you ever want help organizing, I'd love to help. I really enjoy that kind of thing, even though it looks like you're doing a fantastic job!