Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 months down

Well it is already the 3rd month of the year.

I am thankful to orgjunkie, for hosting the 28 day challenge which really helped me get started organizing my house. It is in a lot better shape than it was in January, and it has motivated me to work on the rest of the house, and work hard to get into habits that keep it that way.

I actually did some scrapbooking yesterday, 2 layouts! One I feel is unfinished, but it may stay that way for a while as I'm not sure what else to do. And I picked some of it up yesterday, and put all the rest away today. I was hoping to do another yesterday which is why some was left out, but couldn't find the inspiration.

So while I feel like I am definitely making progress in the house department, I feel like I am way behind in the money department.

Money stresses me out more than anything. We aren't really BAD off, but we are no where near where we need to be and even further from where I want to be.

I am hoping to get some time today to sit and try to work out a budget and plan for our long and short term goals. Right now though, my little one has woken up from a nap and is in need of an afternoon snack.


  1. Hey! I noticed you read the coupon mom guide, did it work for you? Im always looking to save money on groceries?

  2. It did help me to learn a lot more about coupons and think about ways to save money, that I never would have thought about on my own! But it is going to take me a while to get very good at it. So far I haven't been really successful, but hopefully I'll get there!

  3. Let me know if you get any great ideas!

  4. A great idea we came up with is to not try to save money by shopping at Dollar General.