Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Invite

I am not very experienced with digital scrapbooking. Actually I have only ever made 1 digital scrapbooking layout before, but I decided I wanted to make photo invites for Mason's first birthday party.

His first birthday is May 18, and I am also planning on making a birthday banner and maybe a few other things, so I decided I better get started.

So I bought this kit to work on the invitations:
You can find it here: Kay Miller Jungle Boogie kit

I love this kit, it is so cute!

The only thing was it doesn't have an alpha, and I had no idea how to make patterned letters how I wanted. So thanks to the help of the ladies over on the scrapbooking board on, I finally figured it out!

I haven't taken his picture for the invitation yet, because I am waiting for some warmer weather to take him out in, but here is my first digital photo card invite:


  1. That's great!!! I love the scrapping page. People are so helpful there. :-)I love the jungle theme. It's adorable! We used it for Scout's first birthday... Party City has some really cute stuff if you are sticking with that theme. ;-)