Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have been pretty busy around here lately, and spending a lot of time outside enjoying the warmer weather, so I apologize for abandoning this blog, yet again. I am also trying to get my craft blog going, but haven't had a lot of time for that either.

As far as organizing goes, I haven't gotten a ton done, but I did go through my clothes drawers, and now have 2 empty drawers, so my husband can now have some space to put his clothes! I have a big stack of clothes that will be going into a garage sale, and I'm not completely done going through clothes yet!

I am trying to work out more. I got Jillian Michael's 30-day shred, but have only done it 3 times in 2 weeks, which isn't great, but things keep coming up, like the weekend after I got it we were going to the zoo, and boy was I sore after the first time, so I decided I should skip a few days because I didn't want to be miserable hobbling around the zoo! Then of course holiday weekend, so I didn't work out. Now we will be out of town this weekend, so hopefully I will workout again tomorrow (I worked out today, YAY), then hopefully maybe just do some walking/jogging while we are out of town. We may be going to another zoo, so at least that will be a lot of walking.

And a big update is that my husband is going to try to get into the police academy. It is something that he has wanted to do for a while, and it will be a big increase in pay and much better benefits. He has to take the written and physical test in about 2 weeks, and then they start the background checks, etc. This would be a great opportunity for him and help us as a family.

After we get back from our trip I will be spending the next couple weeks clearing out as much as I can for a garage sale, so hopefully I will have something to blog about then!

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