Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Closet Project (Almost) Complete

I decided to go ahead and post this even though there are several finishing touches to be done. Mainly touch up paint, and some more things to be organized and put away. My husband is out of town this week though, and I had the boys pick up the toys in the living room before nap, so I went ahead and put them away in the closet, and I am loving it! No more stacks of toy bins in the living room and the big toys with no place to go! Now the boys will have to ask for what they want to play with, and I can easily have them pick up one thing before they are allowed to have another bin out.

Now my pictures are not too good because I just snapped some quick pics, but here they are:
I took the hanging closet organizer out, and it will most likely be going in Baby #2's closet. We keep the dresser in his closet because it doesn't match his furniture, and it will save space once we move the big guest bed into M's room. And yes his closet is packed full of my defense...I do keep a lot of long sleeves and sweatshirts even for summer so that on cooler days I have a variety to choose from.

Now for the after:
One of the best things we did, was to move the closet rod down just a bit so we could go from having one shelf to having 2 shelves. I love this so that I can put his big toys on the bottom and I can reach them easily. Yet I will have a top shelf that may be hard for me to reach, but I can store things that I do not need to get to as often. I will probably be storing some of his "to grow into" items such as shoes and clothes that I have as hand me downs from my nephew, that I haven't gotten to organizing yet. Adding the extra shelf is something I definitely plan to be doing in the new baby's closet also!
I used the spot on the right bottom side of the closet to add some more shelves. These will function better for him now that he is older than the closet organizer I had. I can store his toy bins (which I do plan to make labels for someday) and still have a little bit of room left which I am sure I will soon find something laying around the house of his that needs to be put away.

Here you can see the spots that need to be fixed with the paint because initially my husband put the shelves at 18 inches apart and it made them too high so that the clothes hit the top shelf and I wouldn't be able to store anything on it, so he redid them to be 12 inches apart and it works great this way. But he barely finished up Sunday evening and M had to be going to bed so the paint touch ups will have to wait until my husband gets home this weekend.

I am so thankful to my husband for doing this project, I am already starting to feel better now that I have somewhere to put the toys away. I know that as we continue to do these projects I will feel better and better as things start to really have specific homes!

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