Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yay for Spring

Our utilities are split into our electric/water/city all on one bill, and our gas (heating/water heater) are on another bill.

In the winter our gas bill has been over $100/month. This past month I have tried to keep our heating/ac off. I was quite proud of myself for making it through a 90 degree day and I still didn't turn on the ac. Having central air has definitely spoiled me as I grew up in a house with only a swamp cooler. So I am going to try to go for windows/fan/being outside before I go for turning on the air. There have also been some cooler nights, but I like it to be cool at night, so we have just been turning on a little heater in M's room at night instead of heating the whole house.

So I got our gas bill yesterday and it was only 23.32! I am so happy as I was trying to over budget and had entered 100 for that for our budget this month! This will definitely help us catch up.

Now if we can just get our electric/water bill down!

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  1. Yesss! Thats awesome! Im the same way, I wait until the last possible minute to turn on heat/ac! Havent done it yet! Hope you had a great mothers day!