Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby steps

I was really hoping to post a lot more progress on the office/craft room organization challenge, but haven't made as much progress as I hoped. However, I am making baby steps!

Here is one small thing I accomplished this past weekend:
And here is a couple toss piles that came out of the office:
I also filled a small box and working on a big box of things to sell/donate. Unfortunately we have so much stuff it seems like we haven't even made a dent! Hopefully this weekend will be full of productivity. I designed a shelf that I am hoping maybe we can build this weekend to store some of my scrapbooking items.

I am also looking for some ideas for storage for our closet.

I found this image from Country Living:
I am thinking about making a gift wrap storage similar to this on a wall in the closet.

I am also going to make a coupon binder for organizing my coupons, if I can find some trading card pages. I got a binder that zips up and some dividers, and hope to get some trading cards pages in the next couple days. So hopefully I will have some pictures of that to post up soon also.

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