Monday, February 15, 2010

Master Bedroom Organizing progress

Yes, I'm working on 2 rooms at once! I know I should be focusing on the office, but recently DH and I have made a habit of going to bed a bit earlier so we can spend half an hour or so reading our books before going to sleep. It really helps me to be able to relax a bit because it usually takes me so long to go to sleep because my list of things to do is so long and it keeps going through my head! So we decided we should make our bedroom more relaxing by trying to clear some clutter!

It isn't done yet, but it looks a whole lot better!

My night stand Before:

My Side of the room Before:
Still work to do...the sack of clothes I still have to go through. The other 2 piles need to go in storage boxes, one is maternity clothes the other are pre-pregnancy clothes I am hoping to fit in again by the end of summer. And the top of the dresser still needs a lot of work.

This is the top of the armoire, my husband uses it as dumping grounds for whatever comes out of his pockets. There is a basket on the dresser that he was "supposed" to use, but that obviously didn't work out. He did work on cleaning it off some so here is what he accomplished.

I did do some work in the office, but since we are taking out a bunch of the stuff from the closet there isn't much to show that has been finished yet. But I did decided that I will only keep as many magazines (not including my Wilton Yearbooks) as I have holders for. I have 10 magazine holders seen here:
And this is the stack that I got rid of to make my magazines fit in the holders. I still need to go through those though and get rid of more so that I can have room to grow!

Hopefully this week we will be cracking down on the office since there are only 2 weeks left for the challenge and I am guessing that our family that is supposed to be making a trip up here soon will probably be here the last bit of February, so I am really hoping to accomplish a lot this week!

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