Thursday, February 4, 2010

Organization Progress!

I decided to start out the 28-day challenge with my desk! This is where I try to keep my calendar and where all my bills and such go and it stresses me out to have to go searching for bills or paperwork needed for something or other, so last night I decided to get started with my let's see if I can keep it this way!

I have 4 paper trays that I have just always stuck stuff on. I have now decided to label them (will hopefully be done this evening if my husband brings me a label maker from work) so that they will have specific purposes and I can no longer just put throw things on it.

The top tray is for incoming, so if DH brings in the mail, or brings me receipts he can put them on the top tray. The 2nd tray will be for outgoing, things that need to go in the mail. The 3rd tray is the "to do" tray, such as bills that need to be paid, paper for filing taxes, etc. The bottom tray is the "to file" tray so I can put things in there and hopefully I will make time at least once a week to file everything from the bottom tray.

And now this is what my craft table looks like after clearing everything off my desk:

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  1. Look at that desk! Great job - what a difference a little bit of de-cluttering makes, huh?