Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shoes - Minus 10!

This past weekend in the process of cleaning our master bedroom, I spent a bit of time trying on clothes and getting rid of things that don't fit and things I never wear to make my closet a bit more organized and have a bit more room.

Well worse than having too many clothes, I have a very big addiction to shoes!

This is what my shoes in my closet looked like before:
yes, there is another shoe rack hidden back there!

Minus 10 pairs of shoes! :( yes I counted my slipper socks as shoes! I did get a new purple pair last Christmas that I have been wearing so I said goodbye to my worn out penguin pair (I also LOVE penguins!). You may also tell that I really like flip flops! If it was up to me, I would have a pair in every color! Goodbye shoes...
(you can also see a pile of clothes that is going in the sell/donate box also)

And now for the final results:

I know I should really get rid of some more, and I am going to try to convince myself to...but I need a little break after getting rid of 10 pairs at once!

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