Monday, February 22, 2010

Organizing Update

Less than one week left to get my office organized! I have made some progress with the help of my hubby. He put up some shelves for me this weekend, and made me an awesome gift wrap holder!

I am not posting many pictures of what we have done yet, since there is only a week left, I want to leave a lot of it for the big reveal, but here are a few things that got done this weekend!

In this picture, you can see the 3 pink shelves in the corner, well we exchanged those for 2 nice new shelves. The ones in this picture were plywood, and I much prefer the smooth laminate finish.
Here is the new shelf where I keep my office books and photo albums:

And now to my gift wrap organizer:
Each thing rotates for easy access, and I can store 8 rolls of wrapping paper!
And here is the wall in the closet that it is on, along with my door signs (I like to change them with the seasons) and my quilting mat.
Sorry, that's it for now, time for the little one to have a bottle and go to bed!


  1. I saw that you are a new blog poster for momblogs! Me too! Your office is coming along great!

  2. Congrats on organizing, NOT my strong suit, to say the least! I'll have to keep tabs to see how it's done. =) ...Following!

  3. I nominated you for some awards today! Come check out my post!