Monday, January 11, 2010


I still have not unpacked all of our suitcases from our trip over Christmas!

So this is my goal for today for sure. Get all unpacked and the suitcases put away!

Other than that I have not accomplished a whole lot of anythings, just little things here and there, and then they get messed up again in no time!

Right now our kitchen is in shambles, we are trying to get our new shelf and backsplash up this week. We actually have a lot to do because I have to get the kitchen child-proofed since my nephew will be back next week and we took the gates down since one of them was broken and fell apart everytime I used it. So we have to get child locks on all the lower cabinets and get our project to a point that I don't have stuff covering my kitchen table!

I also need to make a grocery list today and plan meals for the week. I am going to try to start doing Menu Plan Monday. We will see how that goes...hopefully I get my first one up this evening.

I will also make time to do a sewing project this week....I hope...

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  1. Wow! you seem to be really busy! Hope you get your stuff unpacked today :)