Friday, January 29, 2010


So I decided that it was time to do a search for some organization inspiration.

My office/craft room is the spot in this house that is bugging me the most at the moment. It is where both DH and I spend a lot of our time, but right now we can't even have the baby in here since he is into everything because most of our crap is on the floor! I realize we need to get rid of a lot of things, and we really need to figure out some storage solutions that work for us. I do scrapbooking and sewing so I have a lot of crafty items, but I feel like I can't work on much of anything because I have no room, because all my flat surfaces are always covered with stuff.

This would be absolute heaven for me:

The Dream Scrapbook Studio from

I just imagine having a room surrounded by cabinets and counter tops, like a kitchen but for crafting!

So that is totally not an option right now. We don't have the space, nor is the room we do have set up in any kind of way that would be possible without some major renovations, but we do have a fairly large space with a decent sized closet. Now - to figure out a way to set it up to be useful, pretty, and organized....and CHEAP!

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